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The G-20 highlight

April 1, 2009

Jamie Oliver

There might not be anyone on television I appreciate more than Jamie Oliver. He’s easily my favorite celebrity chef, and I’ve cooked more of his dishes than anyone who wasn’t my grandmother.

Even if you set aside the things that make him a brilliant chef and teacher, there’s a lot to admire about Jamie. He’s fully engaged in public life, leading a high-profile campaign in Britain to radically change the meals system for school children and opening a series of restaurants where he trains disadvantaged young people to make a living though cooking.

There isn’t much he could do that would make him more interesting or likable.

Except cook for Obama:

The acclaimed, and very disheveled, British chef, Jamie Oliver — of Naked Chef fame — made dinner for President Obama and the 19 other world leaders attending a working dinner of the Group of 20 economic summit at 10 Downing Street Wednesday night.

Jamie served a first course featuring Baked Scottish salmon and wild garlic-scented Irish soda bread and a main course featuring slow-roasted Welsh lamb shoulder and “very first of the season Jersey Royals.”

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